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    Good way to get shot

    I saw this article earlier today and it got me thinking about how dumb this is.

    Miami 'zombie' attack inspires 20-year-old to make zombie prank video, YouTube video goes viral

    The first version I saw didn't mention the gun getting pulled, but this one does. If some blood covered maniac started running at me growling I don't know what I'd do. Also, to do this in the state of Florida after all that has happened there recently is just reckless and I'm surprised hasn't got any police attention (it has got to be against some law/ordinance to run around harassing people).

    Then I thought about those "What would you do" shows and similar that I've seen where they do hidden camera investigations into how people handle certain situations. Do you think they take into consideration how armed persons might react? I don't remember the exact show but I seem to recall a show like this getting people reaction to a child getting kidnapped. In Colorado I you are allowed to use deadly force to prevent kidnappings. I hope producers of these shows make sure they aren't putting their actors in potentially fatal situations.

    I just looked up this version (don't know if it was the one I was thinking of)

    Trying to get a rise out of people on camera is going to get someone hurt or killed. I think both "actors" in these videos deserved a black eye for trying to turn a buck on other peoples reactions and got really lucky nothing worse happened to them.

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    When I lived in Japan, there was a program on T.V. where someone would sneak up on someone sitting in the park, or walking down the street, and scream in their ear. If they did that here, it would be a very short program.
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    Those peoples reactions are hilarious. I dont get why 10+ kids playing baskbetball are scared of one unarmed zombie.

    However, bad idea. Definitely a good way to get shot.
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