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    I have the xdm .40 and Love it. Hence my user name. Super reliable and I've put over 2000 rounds through it without a problem. Easy to breakdown and clean as well. I can clean mine in about 15 min. U should buy

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    I have an XD9SC and after 3,000 rounds fired I had one FTF with cheap ammo. I am happy with that.
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    I have been handleing alot of the xd's this past weekend and I like the weight and feel the best with the 9mm. I think I am going to get it this coming weekind or at the least put it on layaway at the local buisness I am going thru.

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    My first (and favorite) pistol is my XD9 Service (4" barrel version). I've got over 2500 rounds through it and love it. My wife took one look at it (and even held it a couple times) and said that it was too large for her. She found a subcompact that she likes (the LC9 that is my EDC). Then she actually fired the XD9. Maybe the biggest mistake I've made in the last year ... :D I'm going to have to go purchase another one if I want to actually use it. Oh, well. It's another XD for the collection. Won't break my heart to bring another one home.

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    Got my XD9SC a few years ago. Absolutely love it. It has been my carry gun ever since I got my CHL. Great gun, and very accurate.

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    outstanding firearms! I currently own an XDM-9 and XD-40 and used to own an XD-45. I have also shot 5 other XD's and loved every one of them.

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    I love the XD, I have a .45 4" and the subcompact 9mm. they are both great and never had a problem with them. There is a show on tv that is doing a torture test and have yet to have any problems. They have buried it in sand, soaked in fresh and saltwater, thrown from a roof, ran over with an suv, and it is barely scratched. as long as the XD fits you, you will love it and can't go wrong with it.

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    XD 40 is one of the most comfortable hand guns i have ever shot. Always loved my browning Hi-Power, but the XD is really a pleasure to shoot. Very comfortable & good grip, like it's molded to your hand. The Browning Hi-Power usually stays at home now.
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    XD-SC here.

    Great gun, very accurate, no issues, no problems, reliable, and wouldn't trade it for anything.

    We actually tried to see if it would fail with cheap ammo, etc. .... we used about every type of ammo, from cheapie to good and about every brand... and it just doesn't care... it just keeps shooting whatever is put into it and operated with absolutely with no issues of any kind.

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    I have the XDm Compact 3.8 chambered for 9x19. Fit me like a glove right out of the box. A tack driver from the first shot. I stopped counting at 1000 rounds, but I've got to be close to 1500 with no failures of any type no matter what I loaded, cheap or expensive. I think if I tied a firecracker to a rock it would feed it and fire it accurately!

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