Springfield XD9
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    Springfield XD9

    Any good or bad coments or reviews out there from anyone on the Spingfield XD9. ?

  3. Really missing my XD40 sc. I had to sell it to pay bills and will replace it ASAP. Highly recommend the XD series.

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    You can't go wrong with an XD. As with all, it really boils down to what fits you, what feels right for you.

    If you have specific questions, feel free to ask, or check out the all the info and discussions on XDTalk.com. You might start here.

    My EDC is an XD40

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    No problems with my xd 40...600 rds and no clitches
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    5k rds down the pipe on my xdm no issues. Only complaint I have is the cost of mags. since they are stainless steel and not polymer coated like glock they will not jam when packed and coated with dirt, sand, etc. don't get me wrong glock is good, I like glock too. I just remember a few guys from different training courses using pocket knives to dislodge glock mags that were dirty from crawling. My 2 cents. Hope this helps.

  7. I have the xd9 and just recently purchased the xdm 45 and I love them both. They both fit in my 2 iwb holsters so that was a definite plus. Can't go wrong with them.

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    I have the XD 9 Tactical ( 5" barrel ) and LOVE it! This is what I carry when I carry.

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    Had my XD9 for about a year. Try to shoot about 100 rounds a month. Always carry it when I travel. No problems and love it.

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    I have less than 1K rounds with my XD9 with not a single problem. I trust it 100%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen O Livingston View Post
    Any good or bad coments or reviews out there from anyone on the Spingfield XD9. ?
    I had an XD40, but had to get rid of it since our duty weapons had to be Glocks. I still wish I had that Springfield. I like it much more than the Glock. Even though they are, as some call them "Glock imposters", they make a quality firearm.

    Suggestions before purchase, go to a gun store and get the feel for each of the XD models. Find which feels most balanced and fits your hand the best. Don't be stuck on a specific caliber, because the gun that is most comfortable, will be the gun you carry the most.

    Good luck!
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