traveling from Mi. to Seattle, Wa. question. any help
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Thread: traveling from Mi. to Seattle, Wa. question. any help

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    traveling from Mi. to Seattle, Wa. question. any help

    I cant seem to find if its legal to OC with a mi resident permit driving OC in a vehicle thru these states from Mi , Wis., South Dakota, Montana, Oregon, Wa.. not cc.

  3. You're good in Oregon. Article 1.a specifies that you can't conceal a pistol in a vehicle without a CHL. So if you're OCing then you're good.

    ORS 166.250 - Unlawful possession of firearms - 2011 Oregon Revised Statutes

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    If your permit is reciprocated in WA you are fine. You need a permit to carry a loaded firearm in WA in a vehicle, open or concealed. Without a permit, the firearm needs to be unloaded.

    RCW 9.41.050
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  5. MT is an open carry state with no cwp required. Concealed carry is allowed state wide and a cwp is only required when carrying concealed within city limits of an incorporated town(many small towns in MT are not incorporated). No permit is required to open carry in any towns. Only restrictions for gun carriage are banks, bars and fed buildings.

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