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    Thumbs up Tap N Rack

    Time for some clearance drill review, Tap N Rack

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    Great post.
    That should be on the must see list for beginner shooters.
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    Very informative video. Thanks for the link!

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    That was very cool, thanks for sharing
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    Awesome video! Thanks for the post.

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    Always good to review. Worth practicing even if you have a super reliable firearm--never know when one of those malfunctions is going to happen! We had a guy in our CFP class whose gun malfunctioned and the whole range was shut down while he and the instructor tried to figure out what to do with it--this makes it pretty easy. :)

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    Great Video............very informative .......Thanks for putting that up.I will show it to my Wife as she is in the process of learning to use here Colt Mustang as a carry gun.

  9. Very good reminder, thanks!

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    Another great video Sheldon. He kept it straight and simple, nice.
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  11. Great video! Thanks for the post.
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