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Thread: 14 year old Phoenix boy protects siblings, shoots intruder....

  1. Did I miss something? I read the story and the comments section and saw only praise for the young man. The thing that worries me is someone trying to bring the parents to task for a minor having access to a loaded handgun. IMHO proper training and parenting is the key to minors and guns, and this young man obviously had it.
    I salute you Young Sir!

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    My assumption would be that the woman knocked to find out if anyone was home as she might seem less intimidating if anyone opens it and she can just make an excuse and leave. I dont think they thought the kids were there or they wouldve gone to a different house
    The intruder came through the door, handgun in hand, and pointed it at the young man at the top of the stairs. My guess is that he saw the oldest boy herd his siblings up the stairs, and instead of fleeing the scene as he could have at that moment, made up his mind to corral or take out anyone who got in his way. It sounds to me like the woman was there to insure that the house was an easy mark, not necessarily that it was unoccupied.

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    Brave young man. Kept his head and protected his siblings from only God knows what fate.

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    great job on protecting his siblings!!

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