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    Quote Originally Posted by squirrelhunter View Post
    I think so.
    I'm not so sure about that. This reminds of the question.

    Q: What's the difference between genius and stupidity?

    A: Genius has it's limits.
    Samuel Colt did more for equality in America than any civil rights activist.

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    That retard should be thrown under the jail
    War to the Knife, Knife to the hilt.
    If we don't want to live in a trashy area, we all have to be willing to help pick up the trash.

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    i'd a lit a match near his hind end
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Sounds like an accidental discharge to me.
    Folks ask why I carry two guns...Well if I did not I'd be off balance and walk in circles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCIC105 View Post
    Sounds like an accidental discharge to me.
    That was no accident. Gas attack. Another domestic terrorist.
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    Normal is an illusion. What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.

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    An Alternate Reality, I Assure You...

    Never hold your farts in, they'll travel up your spine and into your brain... and that's where your sh!tty ideas come from.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deanimator View Post
    [*]Don't be afraid to use sarcasm, mockery and humiliation. They don't respect you. There's no need to pretend you respect them.
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    The gunman was just as full of hot air as the fartman. I guess it's just as lucky fartman didn't pull out his own piece. Sad, sad, sad...
    Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands. ~Col. Jeff Cooper

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