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  1. 22LR firearms

    Anybody besides me a fan of the rim-fire 22LR I have a Walther P22 and a Henry Repeating Arms AR7. Cheap to shoot, accurate, and affordable...
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    Great to go plinking with...Or "Tree Rat" hunting with!
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    Best cartridge ever.
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    I'd like to get a fuller size 22lr handgun, but haven't spent enough time researching the various options yet. anyone know if glock ever plans on putting one out?

  7. I'd rather one clean hit with a .22 than 6 clean misses with a .44 mag.

    Our mobile butcher comes to the farm, kills the animal and goes to work right there before taking it back to the shop for cooling and later cutting. Over the years he has killed literally thousands of bulls, cows, pigs and whatever with that old single shot .22. Don't under estimate what a .22 can do. That being said, I still carry a .357 Sig.

  8. I carry a Walther P-22...10 mag clip..DA/SA...laser site...(usually off gun).
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    For plinking or varmint shooting they really can't be beat for the price of ammo. I have both pistols and rifles in 22LR.
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  10. I carry a .38 small but hard to pocket carry unless you have a big pocket . I was thinking about one of them small .22 mag naa revolvers you wouldn't ever have to worry about taking it out of your pocket . Unless you go to a store with a sign ... Lol

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    hehe got to love the .22 LR

    I love taking down deer with it, many of my friends has question me about hunting deer with a .22lr

    I think it is a better way to hunt deer. I hunt for food not for trophy so one well placed shot to the head is all it takes for a deer to drop.

    love the picture of the lever action rifle and the squirrl. a clean shot is a humain one.
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