.223 rifle to hunt with
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Thread: .223 rifle to hunt with

  1. .223 rifle to hunt with

    Can you guys recommend a .223 rifle to hunt with up to deer size must be bolt action

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    Ouch, I had lots of options until you said, "must be BOLT action."

    99% of Bolt guns will shoot more accurate than an AR, but an AR is tons more fun and more than accurate for about every kind of small critter up to deer.

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    CZ527 American. I've killed several hundred ground hogs with mine. Chuck hunting is a great way to get experience hunting.

    That said, IMO a .223 is not enough rifle for deer hunting unless you are experienced enough to have excellent shot placement. And frankly, if you are asking this question, you probably aren't.

    A .243 or 7mm-08 is as little gun as I'd take for white tail. For Mule deer I'd go with a .270, .30-06, or .308.

    I think a .270 is in the contest for best deer cartridge on the planet, but there are lots of others that are good too. I hunt with a 1953 M70 in .30-06. It drops them every time.


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    Take a look at these:

    Savage Arms

    So far every rifle I've looked at they have in .223 Rem. Myself for deer hunting I'm going to use my AR I just picked up with a 20 round mag instead of a 30.
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    Mossberg has a neat bolt action .223
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    I'd second the comments about the .223 for deer. I was looking at bolt action .223s a few months ago and was seriously considering a Stevens model 200. Stevens is the economy line of Savage. Savage has a great reputation for accuracy out of the box. The Savage Axis looks attractive, but I am leery of the plastic magazine catch. That looks to me to be a long term reliability issue.

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    .223 rifle to hunt with

    Ruger Scout Rifle. Designed after the specs created by Col Jeff Cooper.
    It's a tack driver.

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    A 7mm or a 300 win mag are great guns for deer hunting. If you want to us AR you can get it in 308 also. A 7 mag and 300 are one of the most flat shooting gun out there for the money.You just can't beat them for the money.

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    Check for legality. In Oklahoma .223 is not legal for deer hunting.
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