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    Hello all, Is there really any Spcial" oil for any guns. I am a auto tech. and been using quality air tool oil. Seems to work very well and if you clean after every use it seems to be no problem. Oil is oil, you clean, lube and basically wipe it al off leaving a light film. I do reoil slides.

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    High Temp wheel bearing grease.
    Use VERY sparingly... plenty of gunsmiths and armourers use this trick... super cheap and stays in place much better.

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    Gun lubrication and maintenance has been discussed here several times. As with everything here, everyone has their opinions on what to use and why to use it. For Me: WD40 and BreakFree CLP are good for coating all metal parts. For the bores and cylinders on revolvers, a light oil like Rem Oil on a cotton brush for cleaning pad run through with a rod. For internals, springs and rails on semis, FrogLube or White Lithium Grease. Hope this helps!
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  5. I have had Mobil 1 (or any good synthetic oil) recommended for areas with tight tolerances, and for surface coating, and high-temp bearing grease for open but moving areas like the Garand action in my Mini-14

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    I like white lithium grease
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    I use Remoil on just about everything. On my AKs I'll use some axel/bearing grease to lube the bolt carrier. It seems appropriate for an old Kalashnikov
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    I use Mobil 1 synthetic.
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