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    I'm seeing a lot of good things being written here about Front Site; however, I'm still uneasy about Piazza's approach to attracting clients. While there may be a tidbit here or there in his newsletters, I cancelled them because of the relentless sales tactics. I wish him the best, but this is not for me.
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    I am one of the lifetime members that paid a fortune or as we like to say helped him build the place with our money. I will admit I am bitter that after he took over 6k or so from us he started to sell memberships of the same level for as low as $200. He always promoted and still does with relentless spamming. Good training I have been there a dozen times or so. It is not the elite facility it once was in my opinion, lots of people who are there now have little invested and really do not take it a seriously as they should and have more of a party mentality. You have to DG to go on to more advanced classes and will be stuck taking over and over the same basic 2-4 day class. My wife has trouble being fast enough so I take the basic class over and over with her. She is really an accomplished shooter and could benefit from more advanced classes, but with little strength has trouble running the action fast enough to make the time in malfunction testing and I feel is asked to draw faster to be safe than she can but I would not want to get into a gun fight with her. Speed comes with time and should not be so important for everyone. Speed does not always win the gun fight. Knowing that she just is not blistering fast causes her to get hyper and then she try’s t hard and fails. I train police and see very few cops that are as fast as her, she out shot most of the cops at our last RTC and should be fast enough for front site to graduate to a more advanced course with me. For the price its good training, just remember the course is one thing, the hotel food, travel and ammo really adds up. Go there to be serious to make it worthwhile. They have lost some real key people in my opinion recently and wonder why? I do not think that if the business is good that you have to give it away, give guns away and have promotions every week to get people there. They also used to have turning targets which was cool because most private citizens don’t get to use them and that is gone as well as the nigh shoots except for advanced classes that you may not ever get to. They still show them on their promotional videos leaving you to believe that’s the everyday course but it is not. I have seen that out of 40 people in a class, 3 to 4 graduate Distinguished to go on to a more advanced class.

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    Front Sight is definitely worth the money. The first time we got 4 day certificates on eBay very cheap. ( >$200 for two). My wife, who had never even held a handgun before came away with amazing skills for a noob.
    It is not a scam although some of his info stuff can be a little intense. The instructors were very firm, yet gentle and patient with everyone.
    We moved out here in 2006 from So. Cal. and a lot of folks here in town are lifetime members.
    Like some people said, if you take the 2 day course, plan on 300 rounds, for the 4 day course, at least 700 rounds.

  5. I doubt very many actually pay the full price shown on the website. There are plenty of certificates around, and LOTS of lifetime memberships floating around in the possession of members, they're just not allowed to advertise them as being for sale. I went out on a $69 certificate the first time I visited for a 4-day course, and picked up one of the cheaper memberships once they became available.

    As with any class, you also have to figure in ammo, travel, food, and lodging, and a $50 a year 'background check fee', but since they're about as close as any other facility, the inexpensive courses help to balance out the other costs for me. Is it the best training? Well, not for everyone...they've got the basic classes down to a science, and I've watched them take novice shooters who barely knew how to hold a gun to the point where they could draw from concealment and get hits in under 1.5 seconds as they claim, which is better than a lot of shooters I see at the range.

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    I made the mistake of putting m phone # on his site... WOW this guy is one heck of a salesman lol . One day I will take a few courses, I do hear good things about them.

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