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  1. M&P Shield

    Well? Is it the really the next weapon to purchase?

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    I'm waiting for the XDs to come out in 9mm.

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    Own the Shield. Great trigger. Good conceal gun but I may sell it . Like .45s
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    M&P Shield

    Love my wife's! Great trigger, accurate shooter, perfect size and weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisdrummer View Post
    I'm waiting for the XDs to come out in 9mm.
    Springfield already makes an XD9 and an XDm 9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by concealedinla View Post
    Well? Is it the really the next weapon to purchase?
    In a word, "yes." I have watched and read endless reviews, and I don't believe I have heard a negative comment about the gun yet. I have wanted one from the beginning, but have yet to find one in stock at any of the dealers that I use on-line. My main current carry gun is a Kahr PM9, but although the gun is very reliable, accurate, and incredibly light, it has one deal killer trait. After a few hundred rounds, the it is very difficult to rack the slide. I have never seen a slide even remotely as stiff and difficult to maneuver. In a situation with a malfunction, a "tap and rack" might be a bit difficult and that would not be pretty in a combat situation. For example, I can rack my Kimber Ultra Raptor with a couple of fingers. With the Kahr, I virtually need to put my whole body into the effort. As an aside, it has nothing to do with lack of strength. I've been weight training regularly for many years. Anyway, I want a Shield!

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    I have one, and I have to say that it is very easy to conceal, and I carry it when I am wearing clothes that would otherwise prohibit carry. Living in Florida, I often have to wear clothes that would make carry too obvious, due to printing. This pistol even disappears under a fairly snug, tucked in polo shirt at work, when I carry in an MTAC tuckable holster. It is accurate, reliable, and shoots well.
    My wife has one as well, and we customized hers by replacing the trigger with a new Apex trigger and some TFO tritium/fiber optic sights from TruGlo.
    The Apex trigger cost us $90, and was easy to install ourselves, even though we have no real gunsmithing experience. That is another plus to the M&P line of pistols: they are easy to work on yourself. The Apex trigger lowered the trigger pull by about two pounds (to about 4 1/2 pounds)
    The TFO sights did require us to buy an M&P sight tool for $150, so that may be a deterrent, but those sights are bright and easy to see.

    All in all, the Shield is a good buy.

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    I shot a friend of mines over the weekend. It's a nice pistol, but i prefer my PPS.He wanted a PPS, but he said he could not justify the price difference.He is the type that buys the cheapest beer available no matter what the taste.

  10. I love mine. The new XDS is pretty nice but ergonomically the Shield feels better and it's a shooter. I've now put over 600 failure free rounds through it. It is the most impressive $449 pistol in it's class. If it feels good to you, I would recommend it. If you have buyer's remorse you shouldn't have a tough time getting rid of it!

  11. I bought my Shield for personal defense. I've put over 300 rounds through it without a hiccup of any kind. It is now my Emery day carry weapon, and will remain so. I was shown a new XDs yesterday, but really didn't like the feel of the grip. And, I will admit, I'm not a .45 fan. Be that as it may, I did notice that the XDs had a very nice front sight, but in a personal defense situation, I doubt that i will be taking the time to use it. Ergo, I'm staying with my Shield, and my looking days are over. At least for now.

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