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Thread: colarado has ccw,but no one was carrying at the movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    Hey Bozz......the shooter has one HUGE advantage over a CCing bystander...........the shooter doesn't care who he hits. That's his mission - to shoot as many as possible. He had a "target-rich enviornment" to say the least.

    Now unless you're going to start shooting willy-nilly, not caring who/how many you hit as long as the shooter was one of them, then you're going to have to choose your shots very carefully....otherwise you might end up doing as much or more damage than the shooter himself.
    New to the forum. I am Canadian (nobody's perfect), so I do not carry, concealed or otherwise, because of the blanket gun control laws of my country. Anyway, I was reading this thread with interest and had some thoughts. Was thinking about the 2 parts of this post, and it seems like if you were to return fire with the shooter as your sole target, and you were able to get one or two clean shots through the crowd that ultimately put him down, it might be preferable to take those shots, rather than let him continue, as you could be next. I'd feel pretty bad if I were carrying, and didn't try to stop him, and then became a victim, too. How long from the first shot fired would it take an average, moderately well trained carrier to realize the threat was real and lethal, assess the risk of hitting innocents, draw one's weapon, and return fire? 20 to 30 seconds? More? Probably impossible to estimate. I've never even considered a situation like this, until recently. We had a street party in Toronto get strafed recently, in what was now thought to be gang related, with 2 deceased, 12 wounded. I started wondering if we had CCW laws up here, and the shooters had had to consider the possibility of return fire, would they have been as bold? They knew the chances of anyone at the party having immediate access to firearms for self-defense was almost nil, with our heavily restrictive gun possession laws (to the best of my knowledge, we have no CCW except in very specific and rare circumstances). They knew they wouldn't be taking fire, and they just closed in on their targets and started firing. So, they didn't need to wear body armor like the Aurora shooter. We've had a few more fatal shootings since the street party, so our "need more gun control" leaning politicians are starting to chirp.
    If gun control works, can someone explain Chicago to me?

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    ArSec. 94-152. - Firearms on private property.

    It shall be unlawful for any person, carrying a firearm, to enter or remain upon any private property of another or any building or property of a commercial establishment when such property, building, or establishment is posted with notification that the carrying of firearms is prohibited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wjh2657 View Post
    Let's get off the kool aid guys. All that any of us CCWers could have done in a crowded theater full of tear gas, with people running all over, would have been shoot the poor members of the crowd that he missed! This is not an IPSC scenario, this is bedlam and more guns would not have mitigated anything. A situation like this would not even been helped by armed guards inside the theater. The carnage would still have occurred. He was wearing body armor and was moving and firing. This was a very tragic occurrence, but the fact is that the shooter was organized enough and hit fast and hard enough that nothing would have helped. I just wish the anti gun ground could put down their koolaid cup long enough to realize that none of their measures would have stopped this bedlam either.
    I can't imagine any of my fellow shooters failing to hit a man sized target at the distance this guy must have been, after hearing deafening shots, or gas. It boggles my mind to realize there wasn't a single person able to diffuse this situation. Especially in CO. I guarantee there are people kicking themselves for bowing down to some stupid sign on a wall. And they should. We all should. By the way, he was wearing a "tactical assault vest" AKA vest with pockets on it, not kevlar. I just read on a local news report that it was bought from a store in my town. You can't buy kevlar, mag holders and a knife for 300 bucks. If I'm wrong then I'd like to have that catalog. It was a terrible thing and I don't mean to sound cold, but I'm more shocked over the fact that he was able to continue for as long as he did. This was obviously innapropriate behaviour(psycopathic probably) that would never be allowed to happen if the government would start to trust those who support it(all of us, even if we don't agree).

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    I hope that everyone realizes that this guy was just spraying rounds into the crowd. If you have ever fired after donning a protective mask you already know that it nearly impossible to aim.

    As far as you guys who have said what you would do, I'm glad. Personally, I think if I had heard the pins pop on the grenades (I have heard no less than three interviewees state that they heard the noise and knew what they were. I'm sure most people did not know. It is a sound that a soldier will never forget), carrying or not, I would have pushed my wife out of her seat into the floor in front of our seats and laid on top of her. If armed I would have probably then pulled my weapon and hoped the guy didn't see me, once I realize that they were smoke or gas grenades, and not frags. I would not have been looking for him.

    Call that what you wish. If he had stopped at the end of the aisle in front of me, I would have put some .45 rounds center mass if possible.

    Though it would probably be different if I had been alone, I would not have been alone at the theater. Of course all is conjecture, I would not have been at a midnight showing anyway, it is hard enough for us to stay awake during the matinee.

    God bless the wounded and the victims' families.
    "I don't think that a society that encourages over a million abortions a year....a society that kills out of convenience, i.e., Jack Kevorkian, can not have consequences." --Rush Limbaugh

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    Quote Originally Posted by markgflash View Post
    Everyone there was under 30, people that age don't carry, his vest would not have stopped me from 2 rounds in the gut to knock the wind out of him then a 45 auto to the head, i always pack for this very reason , sign's posted would not stop me from packing in a movie theatre ,, but when it comes down to my safety and the safety of other's i don't play by the rules. "Just how i am"
    Ridiculous. I've carried since I was 21.
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    Quote Originally Posted by captD View Post
    By the way, he was wearing a "tactical assault vest" AKA vest with pockets on it, not kevlar. I just read on a local news report that it was bought from a store in my town. You can't buy kevlar, mag holders and a knife for 300 bucks. If I'm wrong then I'd like to have that catalog.
    They have found and released the details of only one receipt, the one to which you refer for $300 that included the tactical vest. They have also confirmed a slew of FedEx deliveries in recent weeks and I heard at least one media report (don't remember which station/reporter) that he spent approximately $15K preparing for the movie premier night. Most tac vests have pockets sewn into them as armor plate carriers. It's unknown at this time whether or not he had plates installed, or if the vest he wore even had the built-in carriers, though, if it really was a Blackhawk brand vest, chances are it did. The cops have said that he had Level IIa armor. I'm inclined to believe that they know the difference between an empty plate carrier and one filled with Level IIa plates, but again, we are not privy to whether or not that was an early erroneous report that just hasn't been clarified yet. In any case, just because he only spent $300 on a few of the items he used in the attack, does not preclude him having spent another $400 to $600 or so at another vendor for the plates to armor up with. It has been surmised that he bought from a multitude of vendors so as not to attract scrutiny by any one of them. A little here, and a little there at least contributed to him seeming "normal" leading up to the massacre.

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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    I was merely trying to respond to the news media's portrail of his equipment as unusual or agressive, yet way to easy to get. He used normal firearms and normal garb that most of us own. His actions were apalling, not his tools or gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoobee View Post
    With your heart beating like crazy from all the adrenaline, are you sure you could hit his face squarely?
    Remember how it feels to stalk a buck? Your heart is always beating like crazy.
    Sure, you and I can hit a face sized target at 25 yards at the range. That's way different though.
    As I stated earlier, "It would be difficult, but not impossible".
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Outlaw View Post
    As I stated earlier, "It would be difficult, but not impossible".
    And why not try it? Otherwise you just end up dead on the floor.
    Knarren und Zigarren!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoobee View Post
    "Logic" would dictate going with the "fear" and *not* doing anything stupid or bold.

    As we say while riding motorcycles, there are old motorcyclists, and there are bold motorcyclists, but there are no old & bold motorcyclists!
    Your statement makes no sense to me.
    Fear is a primal instinct. People who are acting out of fear are not thinking. Logic implies thinking things through. Coming to the the realization that survival means going against your instincts. Quite the opposite.
    Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.

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