Recieved a really good catalog
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Thread: Recieved a really good catalog

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    Recieved a really good catalog

    I got this catalog "The Sportmans Guide" and it's really great, covers almost everything you might desire for your gun's webb site is Sportsman's Guide - Discount Hunting Gear, Discount Hunting Boots, Discount Shoes, Discount Ammunition, Discount Ammo, Discount Boots, Military Surplus, Outdoor Gear at The Sportsman's Guide. They have a membership price as well as a non membership price. The membership costs $29.99 a year and with that you get a 10% discount for every order. And with an order over over $75.00 gust using the code SG2231 you get $10.00 off your online order.

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    I get a lot of stuff from sportsmans guide.
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    Too bad I live in Assachusetts. The Sportmans Guide wont sell me anything! I cant even buy pellets for my ait rifle!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedub88 View Post
    Too bad I live in Assachusetts. The Sportmans Guide wont sell me anything! I cant even buy pellets for my ait rifle!!
    You need to move.

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    I had an issue the one and only time I purchased something from them. The description of the item I was buying clearly stated that it would fit my rifle. I received it and and found that it didn't fit my rifle. I sent an email detailing the problem and asked them for a prepaid shipping label so that I could return it. They refused and instead told me how I could modify the product.....a process that incolved a considerable amount of dremeling and grinding metal. We went back and forth on the issue.....

    The bottom line is that they refused to accomodate by reasonable, fundamental request. I ended up reluctantly keeping the item only because it fit another rifle I owned (a rifle that I never intended using it on). There are too many other places offering the same products for me to give them any more of my business.
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