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    Travel in the US

    Perhaps I am getting paranoid.... I traveled by air to our home office. On the way there. I get the "wanding" treatment. They didn't do it to the next person nor the person before. My bag was rifled through. (They left their calling card.) Not in my presence and that irritates me. But the highlight came on the way home. I am in line the guy looks at my ID, checks it against my ticket, then looks for a few seconds, (I am talking about a 10 second pause), and starts asking me why I am there. Then where am I going? I answer with, "It really isn't your business." He gives me the WTF look. I then get handed over to the I get to go through the scanner machine. This is BS. Since when did we move to the middle east? I didn't get this many questions coming back from other countries!

    I know I have purchased several legal firearms lately. I know I am on a few different forums that are most likely watched by big bro. But really? Am I being paranoid or is this happening with everyone?
    (You might see this question on another forum as well.)

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    Can't tell from your avatar but you must look like a terrorist;)


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    No, it's happening to me and sometimes little old frail men in front of me instead sometimes too.

    Get that pissed off look off your face ;)


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    i think they have a harrassment quota to fill. perhaps they were just bored and wanted to shake up someones tree for ***** and giggles. who knows,but remember this old saying......."little" people in" big" jobs often abuse thier authority just because they can.
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    Just an opinion, but I think it's all about desensitizing the population to infringement of our rights. All of it. The TSA. DUI check points. Immigration check points hundreds of miles away from the border. Gun confiscation during and after natural disasters. It's just the beginning.

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    If I have to go by air, or any other public transportation, I just won't go. This is mainly due to the fact that I really love to drive and see this great country. It's also because I don't particularly like being treated like cattle or being treated like I'm doing them a favor by flying on their airline. I don't care if they all go belly up. And last but not least, I'm always going to have my firearm with me in my car, and probably concealed on my body, regardless of where I'm traveling. I've been doing this for over 50 years and will not stop now. TSA, Obama, and all the other liberals can take a flying leap as far as I'm concerned.

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    He must have thought you were cute....did he say to any of his co-workers "sure has got a pretty mouth on him"?

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