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Thread: USMC going back to 1911

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    The 1911 Pistol passed your little test over 100 years ago before it was selected for the armed services. Glock is a teenager trying to take a tough wise old man down. Try putting a Glock in water to cool it down and have it function 60000 rounds in two days. Plastic melts and deforms.

    M1911 pistol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Yep. Many a 1911 has been dropped in muddy conditions and still functioned. If you shake one and it rattles, it will pass the mud test without problems. It is when people try to tighten them up is when they get finicky.
    I've found this to be true... even my "El cheapo" Taurus 1911 is reliable as hell!
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    Mil-spec 1911s have passed the most rugged tests come up with for a century. National-match 1911s will get sick from a grain of sand though.

    As far as I'm concerned, I ONLY want a mil-spec 1911. That great rattle when they slap into your palm is pure win.
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    It's my CC piece. WHY---- History has proven this to be the platform that is reliable and effective. Dammed if I go against History.
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  5. Yea,mine rattles and i love it.semper fi

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