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Thread: Jesus hates Guns???

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    Not only would Jesus carry... he wants us to have a bug. Luke 22:38

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    didn't you know? he also hates 'fags', soldiers, and anyone else that isn't white or has a long beard like he did.

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    First thing is I am an ordained Christian Minister. I have read and reread the passages that claim that Jesus was a pacifist. You will find Jesus was NOT a pacifist. Look at what he did clearing out the Temple. Look at the book of Rvelation when during his return he makes war. But perhaps the most reveling is when he says in Luke 22:35-38. In particular verse 36 that says " Then said he unto them But now he that hath a purse,let let him take it and likewise his scrip and HE THAT HATH NO SWORD LET HIM GO SELL HIS GARMENT AND BUY ONE". Swords were the 'guns' of two thousand years ago. The Bible says to turn the other cheek, not bend over and spread them.

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    god doesn't need a gun all he has to do is smite you .....caste you into the firey pits of hell
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Stupid people write stupid articles. Sadly stupid people will believe them. Jesus was NOT a pacifist. The whole turn another cheek issue is not about non violence or pacifism it is about being disrespected. This is a paraphrase " if your enemy strikes you on the right cheek turn to him your other" sorry really rough Paraphrase. If you are struck on the right cheek you are being hit with the left hand. This hand was used to wipe your butt. You would never eat with it nor weild a weapon with it because it was nasty, and rarely got cleaned properly. So being hit with the left hand was not an attack but an insult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tractor_babe View Post
    This is a very frustrating article. I am a gun owner & concealed carrier, and would gladly defend my neighbor if needed, so how is that going against Jesus?
    It isn't. He's twisting scripture to advance his own personal agenda.
    Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.--- John Quincy Adams
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    Jesus is a spirit. He's not a mortal human. No weapon invented by humans now or in the future would effect him. Humans have a free will to make decisions that effect their lives and the lives of others. This separates us from other mammals of the world. The decisions we make do have an effect on the spiritual life that awaits us all, believers and atheists, good or evil. Jesus isn't interested in your mortal body. His interest is in your soul. Human arrogance is not a good thing.
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    Stupid article. Start with a position and quote the Bible to support it. If I cared to take the time, I could start with the position that Jesus loved guns (even though they didn't exist) and quote from the same Bible to support it.

  10. Jesus didn't wear pants, therefore pants are a sin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tractor_babe View Post
    This is a very frustrating article. I am a gun owner & concealed carrier, and would gladly defend my neighbor if needed, so how is that going against Jesus? The majority of gun owners that do things legally are not the mass murders so I don't understand why everyone wants more laws. Thats not going to change anything.
    People want more laws because they haven't taken the time to think about things. Closed minds.

    I develop software for a living. I can't tell you how many times users demand that software be changed to do this or that, when they haven't thought the whole process through. I point out the unintended side effects, the user goes, "Oh!" and then we think things through and come up with a viable solution.

    Similar situation here except for some of these guys, the lightbulb never comes on.
    Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.

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