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    Springfield's have a grip safety, which I think is a good compromise between a full manual switch and nothing.
    This is why an XD(M) was my first pistol. Plus it comes with 3 easy to change backstraps, so you can get a better fit, and the medium size one is not too huge for a girl to conceal. But have her rent a few first!

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    I'm jumping on the " go rent train " I do like the choice of 9mm like bit of a bark whole lot of bite :-)
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  4. The Ruger SR9 fits the description of what you are looking for. The SR9c would most likely be the better choice, should she decide to carry later on. It is loaded with safety features to include a loaded chamber indicator, ambidextrous thumb safety, trigger safety, firing pin safety, and features ambidextrous magazine release, adjustable grip, elevation adjustable rear sight and comes with two magazines, one of which is larger with a sleeve that effectively increases the size of the grip that matches the SR9. I do agree with others about the manual safety, if the manual safety is disengaged, then this gun would still have the same safety features as a Glock.

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    I've only handled these two in the store but the Springfield EMP felt like a hot piece of awesome, and the new sig 938 would be a good option if she ever decided to carry it. Both are on my wish list.

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    Good luck on the search! Let us know what you end up with

    Personally...I like SIG's, I think they are amazing to shoot and not too tough on the wallet. I have had a few different female's shoot my SIG's (P229 and P220). The P229 in 9mm seemed to be preferred by them at the time. The SIG's also have the hammer release which I really like instead of a thumb safety (thats just my opinion though). Sig also puts out the P239 which might be better for her if she has smaller hands.

    I am also one to let her choose which best works for her. Renting being the best option

    Good Luck!

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    I'm hoping she's had a good, comprehensive pistol class already. If not, that needs to be the first thing on the agenda. She should be able to shoot several different guns in class, and she would have a better idea what she wanted afterwards anyway. The instructor should be happy to help her find the gun that "fits," but in the end only she will know. And trust me, that will change as she gains experience. Renting several different guns and shooting a while would be excellent in any case.

    A .22 might be a good start if she is recoil adverse, but if she can rack the slide and control a full size pistol... more power to her!! I've carried a .357M revolver, an XD .45 Compact, and now an XD 9mm compact. So far, the last is the best. :) Hopefully she will eventually feel comfortable enough with it to carry. Won't do her a whole lot of good sitting in a drawer. :)
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  8. Trying is always best. My daughter ended up with a Sig 238 (.380) because she could rack the slide easily. However there are lots of good choices out there.

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