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    Congrats--good gun. I have a Mark III and a Buckmark. I prefer the Buckmark--5" bull barrell but I really like my Ruger too.
    You got that for a good price too

  3. It is a BSA I picked up at my local gun shop for $30.00 its not the best but it seems to work OK for a 22 I would not recommend it for a larger cal. I do plane on getting a bushmaster or something that is a bit smaller and lighter later. But for now it works ok, just something I had.

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    Well got my big 600 from the government, and like any good American I got me a new toy with part of it. Ran across a good deal on a Ruger Mark III. Got it off a friend for $200 he got it for the wife and she did not what it. Never out of the box (well never fired). What do you think

    I just bought my father in law one of these for his birthday

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