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  1. Ruger Mark III - New Toy

    Well got my big 600 from the government, and like any good American I got me a new toy with part of it. Ran across a good deal on a Ruger Mark III. Got it off a friend for $200 he got it for the wife and she did not what it. Never out of the box (well never fired). What do you think
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    Very cool. I have always wanted one of those, but could just not justify spending the money for it. I'm jealous.

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    Very nice. I bought my dad's old 22 ruger from my mom He bought it back in the 70's shoots well. I'm waiting for the LCP to be a little more available.
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    great new toy! always nice to add one to the collection.
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    Whooohooo! Just make sure the will gets updated! lol Just kidding :31-hehe: :icon_lol: :31-hehe:
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    Good plinker

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    I think they are one of the best 22 auto's made. Would be a nice addition to any collection. Enjoy.
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    The only bad thing about it is field stripping . I have a buck mark.

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    Well just put 650 rounds through my new Mark III. Man that is one sweet shooting plinker. Had only one FTF but it was due to some crap ammo I had (no more Wal Mart Ammo). You are right Kwo it is a bit of a pane to strip down. But once I get that down I think I will like this Ruger Mark III. I did put a Red Dot Site on it. All and all nice shooter and well made.
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    Very nice. I have a Mark II Target. My brother and my mom each have the same version. $200 for an unfired Mark III is great. Do you have any details or photos of the red dot that you put on it?

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