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    Always watch for the sleight-of-hand.

    Deceptions only work when the deception is something that the deceived want to believe.

    I might would buy it, but I believe that it is the only option they have to hide the truth, that F&F was going to manufacture the numbers necessary to prove that many thousands of assault weapons are going from the US to Mexico. I might not believe that with all my heart if the man that wrote the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban wasn't the same man that was running F&F, Dennis Burke.

    No one really would want to believe that F&F was to reinstitute the assault weapons ban. Too far-fetched, and Obama has said that he did not want to bring it back. But people would buy another Saddam Hussain type deal, another Osama Bin Ladin deal, etc.
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    Liberals are not as hard to read as they would like us to believe. Listen to what they say, then watch what they do. They will rarely do as they say. The more desperate they get the more revealing they will be. Just for examples: "you didn't build that on your own", "I will be more flexible after the election", "the public sector is doing fine, it's the public sector that needs the spending"....
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