never forget what happened so easily on us soil
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Thread: never forget what happened so easily on us soil

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    never forget what happened so easily on us soil

    gun control is being able to hit your target


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    WOW!!! Never saw this! Just totally unbelievable!
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    Well, of course folks don't need to be armed when there is looting , raping, and other various crimes that the lowlife scumbags like to partake in when a chaotic situation has occurred. Why would anyone need to protect themselves.....(sarcasm)!
    "I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it."
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  5. I've seen it. It's worth seeing again--"Lest we forget!"
    "...on any given day there are bad people in the world who are able and willing to hurt you." --Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

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    In a two minute video the police and military admitted violating at least two amendments (2nd & 3rd). These are people sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution. A soldier upset because he might have to kill another citizen. Why? Why is he even considering an unlawful order? Knocking on doors with guns pointed? Is a burglar going to answer the door? Breaking in without a warrant? How do any of these people make this right in their mind?

    Another is uncomfortable with staying in a building without permission. They should all be court marshaled and their officers should spend a few years in Levenworth. Not only did they break the law but they violated the 3rd amendment. How do they make it right that they kick people out of their own homes and into the street and then turn around and find a nice comfortable space for themselves? This was a stain on the honor of our country.
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    There are many people, myself included, that were inclined to think that some military personnel would refuse to take action against the American civilian population. Evidently, this isn't the case.

    If those soldiers "didn't feel comfortable" about it, why did they do it?

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    To these troops and police: You come into my house without a legal reason that is presented to me, I will kill you and I will probably end up going to heaven but you will be going to hell before me.

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    I've never seen this before, sad day when American troups start shooting Americans.
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    what was their reasoning to disarm the people in thier own homes and leave them defenseless? was marshall law declared? just goes to show how easily the government can do what ever they damn well choose. all i can say is don't come to upper east tennessee and try that. that is no bs, i know that would create situations where all hell would break loose. we don't like people from the outside coming here and telling us what we can and cannot do. not being unpatriotic, just the opposite. just a basic distrust of ANY government. i am sure we are not alone in this and that other parts of the country feel the same. those would be mostly country people that are used to relying on thier own devices everyday to make a living and survive.
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