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    If she won't take a CCW class, at minimum she should take some type of firearms safety class. The NRA recommends that all adults in the house have some type of firearms training. Never know when your wife will need to handle the firearms. You would want her to be able to be able to safely and properly unload the firearm(s) and secure them properly for transport and/or storage.

    I will have to work on that, somethings are essayer said than done. she does have a couple of GSD's she does a lot of training with so at least we have them for home or traveling. bought her pepper spray to have didn't want that either. I've got my work cutout for me.
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    I agree with glock fan on the safety class if our government was smart it would be mandatory part of public schools. Too many curious kids dont know how to check a gun, even if there are no guns at home or if they are stored safely, what about the house next door at some point the child may find a gun. I am not talking about teaching them to shoot(but personaly dont think it would be a bad elective class) Just how to be safe if a friend says "look what i found in dads room" Hopefully Dad would have taken the in school class and safely stored the gun out of reach
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