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    Is there anybody out there that can recommend a descent right hand holster for a Px4 Storm Compact 9mm?

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    Old Faithful Holsters
    NM Holsters - *Products
    Stoner Holsters
    The Holster Store

  4. Im a lefty but cross breed super tuck works great, or own a cheap safarieland but that's for OC it doesn't conceal for crap.

    Both models have the option for rail mount lasers to fit as well.

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  5. thanks i appreciate the help

  6. Holster

    Give Theis Holsters a look. Many models are available and modifications can be made. I just got mine and the turn around was about 12 days. You are given the choice of either horsehide or cow leather. The quality is very good, conceals my Walther P99 well and the personal email from them when the product ships is a nice touch.

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    Check the Fobus web site, they may have something you like.

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    n82 holster the best holster i own,very comfortable and made in the USA, North Carolina By the Nate Brothers,Go to there web sight,plus free shipping,

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    Stoner Holsters. I have 3. The paddle holster they make are 2nd to none.

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    Stay away from leather. Go with kydex

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