Hello just wanted to thank everyone who has subscribed to my channel and welcome those of you who will in the future. Below is a brief description of my channel and a video thanking my new subscribers.

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About Guns&Religion


Just a little about my channel. My channel is dedicated to my enthusiasm for guns and my dedication to God. Therefore, you will find reflected in my videos both passions.

Also you will find my reflections on over 20 or more incidents I experienced between the ages of 12 - 27 years of age. The experiences are a reflection of the time I lived in the inner city of Philadelphia and Camden, NJ. These events are rooted in the violence that drug infested cities and towns produce.

The videos are meant to both inspire and educate the viewer on what to do or not to do while carrying a gun in less than desirable areas. Also they are meant to give you insight on methods used by criminals.

Furthermore, I have and will be posting Christian videos to encourage you in daily life.

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