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  1. sig p238

    Just wondering what thoughts you have on this pistol. I'm thinking I might like this for a carry pistol. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I like the one I have but I don't carry it just for the reason of the safety. I'm a left handed shooter and mine isn't ambidexdreus and I started my carry years ago with a glock.So the safety I can't get used to. If you have a 1911 and use it or atleast shot it enough you will more than likely enjoy the Sig. p238

  4. Thanks for the input,I do have a couple 1911's and I think maybe that's one of the reasons I like it. It is small though,even smaller than my Bersa 380

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    Had one, but sold it. Had some issues with it as I was an early adopter. But Sig eventually got it running at 100% reliability. It's a fun gun, loved to shoot it. But I was concerned about the effectiveness of the .380 round. So I'm waiting to buy a 9mm P938.

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    Love my P238's. I switch between the LCP, the LC9 and the P238 depending on weather, dress and occasion. I have never had a failure to feed or fire on the P238.
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    I enjoy mine a lot as well, I can conceal it in my front pocket when I would otherwise not be able to carry a firearm.
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  8. I was not accurate with it in the beginning but I've figured it out and get great groupings now. It has always felt great in my hand. It is my very reliable and concealable backup. I dig it!

  9. Thanks to all who have replied to my question,I think that I will purchase this firearm with a lot more confidence now. Thank you!

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    Great choice you'll be happy with mine ... awesome carry gun & yes it may be a little undersized but you can play with diff types if ammo to help with that some...and also you'll carry it often unlike some ccw carriors that leave their bricks at home :) peace

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    I bought one a few months back and had trouble with it jamming at least twice in every magazine. I took it back to the dealer to send back to Sig. I gave it to the dealer on a Saturday and he called me to come pick it up the next Friday morning. They replaced the barrel and adjusted the extractor. Since then I have not had one failure of any kind with it. Love it and the way is feels and shoots.

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