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  1. Can we get ammo with food stamps?

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    Can we get ammo with food stamps?
    Well, my guns do eat a lot of ammo. I guess I would have to claim them as dependents to qualify.:11:

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    Reload your own!

    I have been an avid reloader for 33 + years. I reload for everything I own, except my .25 Automatic. I shoot a lot of .40 S&W which I can still reload for 14 cents per round. I pick up once fired cases at my local range. I buy bullets in quantity, the last batch was 3,000 Montana 155 grain JHP's at 8 cents apiece. Primers are 3 cents and powder (Blue Dot) is about 3 cents per round.

    A general rule of thumb is that reloading saves me about 50 % of the cost of my ammo. I probably don't save anything, I just shoot a lot more for the same cost!!! That becomes significant with 30/06, 270 Winchester, (both take 54 Grains of IMR4350). and .300 Winchester Magnum (71 Grains of IMR4350).

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