Video: Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle?
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Thread: Video: Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle?

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    Video: Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle?

    The Lee-Enfield, a remarkable battle rifle with one of the longest service histories in the world, even today being used on active duty. The bolt operation is so fast that during World War I there were times when the Germans thought they were under attack by British machine guns, no bolt action rifle was able to be fired as quickly and with as much accuracy at high speed than the Lee-Enfield.

    Do you own one? Would love to hear from others about their Lee-Enfields. Here is mine with a bit of background on the rifle's history:

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    I used to have one. Cost, I think, $12.95 back in the late '50s or early '60s. My dad and I used to go deer hunting in Montana, me with the Enfield and him with his scope-mounted .30-06. I always filled my license (2 deer and 1 elk, every year), and he usually managed to get 1 deer. A "friend" of mine in Alaska managed to lose it for me. Can't afford to buy another one now, but it's on my wish list. Ahead of every other rifle.

  4. The Lee-Enfield was the rifle that coined the term, "the Mad Minute". It was how many rounds you could shoot in one minute and hit a 12" target at 300 yards. AVerage was 15 but many shot upwards of 30+.

    Experienced rifleman would keep their index finger and thumb of their right hand on the bolt and pull the trigger with their middle finger.

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    I'd love to get one... *sigh*

    One of these days...
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    I've had one for the last 10 years since my Dad died. He got it back about 1967 and used to go out for NRA type target shooting and I accompanied him a couple of times and had a go. My one is the No 4 Mk.I * (star) and was made at Longbranch. He had aperture sights fitted to it for that sort of shooting but I've put the original back-sight on for use at our local range where the accuracy of apertures isn't needed. I did shoot it once at one of our 3-gun shoots competing against AR15s and other semis. Naturally I wasn't competitive but it was a lot of fun. I had loaded up some speed clips and wore out my thumb while shooting the course of fire (which would have been some 30 odd rounds).
    With a bit of luck the photos I've attached will show me sitting at the start of the shoot and then proceeding up the range to shoot at further targets.

    I've also got a couple of the SLRs (L1A1) which were the successor to the .303. I use one of those for the more competitive 3 gun shoots these days.

    I've also got a another .303 which is essentially the No 4 Mk.I * but has been sporterized by Parker Hale. Dad got that one for hunting.

    Video: Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle?-gas2002_1123_163709aa.jpgVideo: Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle?-gas2002_1123_164016aa.jpg

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