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    I just ordered the gallaway trigger I cant wait to get it.

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    My opinion echoes the rest here. The long trigger takes getting used to, but has a nice clean break to it. I can usually get my takedown pin to pop out with just some jiggling, but occasionally I'll need to poke the tip of my pocket knife in there to get it started. I'm not really bothered by recoil on pretty much anything, though my wife and father in law both commented on it. I just didn't notice it that much. I got annoyed at how the blueing was getting scratched on the outer part of the chamber, so I took some sandpaper and a polishing wheel to it until I could see myself in it. I still get a small mark from the slide on the very top part, but it's much less noticeable now. I did have my rear sight come loose at one point. Not a big deal, just cranked the set screw down again.

    gwjohn82, the LC9, like many guns being made these days, has a "feature" that makes it impossible to fire without a magazine in the gun. Not just pistols either. I'm pretty sure my wife's Marlin is the same way.
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  4. I can't wait to own one of these! Shot A rental at the range. I like the pull on the trigger even though it's long.

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    Galloway trigger?

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    I bought a new LC9 and after firing 50 rounds through it I took it apart and the plastic frame rails were already starting to splinter and crack. I got rid of it and got an all metal gun. No more plastic guns for me.
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    The trigger you get used to, the only problem I had is switch from the LC9 to my XD in the same trip to the range. My first few shoots with my XD after shooting the LC9 were very wild shots, just too much of a difference between the two triggers.

  8. I can mirror most of what everyone else is saying. The trigger pull is long but not stiff so it's easy to get used to. Recoil is less than what you would think for a gun its size. It's small enough to fit in a decent sized pocket but big enough to carry IWB and feel like you have something worth carrying. With the pinky extension my hand fits nicely and I have just enough to hold on to comfortably.

    I put a Hogue grip on mine which gives a little more to hold on to and helps with recoil a little.

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    An LC9 had been on my list for a while now, and you guys are making sure it stays there. Do you carry it in a pocket or actually get a holster for it?

  10. Got several holsters but the one I now use everyday is an IWB Nate Squared.

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    I bought a cheap $10 IWB leather/pleather one from Cheaper Than Dirt that I wear at 4 to 5 o'clock FBI cant. I've been looking to upgrade, but I can't seem to make myself spend the money. That Nate Suared one looks pretty great, though. I like that it is designed to prevent the weapon from digging into my love handles!


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