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Thread: Cleaning Schedule for a Firearm

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    I clean my guns after each use at the range. I usually shoot my Five Seven about 100 rounds or so, and the barrel still looks pretty clean. There is a little residue around the metal ring outside the barrel, but that is pretty much it. Still nice to clean it after use even if it is a relatively clean shooter.

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    I clean almost every time after a trip to the range. That could be 100 to 500 plus rounds. If I know I am going back the next day or two I might not clean it.

    My EDC - EVERYTIME it is fired, I clean it when I get home. It is one thing to have a problem at the range, quite another if your life depends on it.
    I agree, between cleaning my gun or reloading ammo, I don't know what is more relaxing.

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    I clean a gun after each time I shoot it, like to know my guns are always ready. Don't mind cleaning them.

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    My handguns, when I shoot them I clean them. With my AK I'll clean it every other trip to the range.

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    I too am one that cleans weapons after every use, yes, to inspect for damage or wear and to get the powder residue out of the gun because I don't know when I am going back to the range or when I will fire that particular weapon again. Just a habit I have, well, more so something dear ole dad drilled into me in my younger days knowing the weapon is clean and ready to use whether at the range or for self defense.

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