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Thread: HELP, a HK question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    I been told by gunsmith that service sucks so does getting parts.He does work for 2 Leo dept. One stopped using HK because of down time.

    Don't know about that but HK's seldom need work.
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    check the website

    The AG's office should keep a list like the peoples republik of kaliornia.

    Get the USP 45. It is a great gun with a rock solid reputation.:hehe:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rht4162 View Post
    ok, and i was probably going to carry the fang faced rounds, the ones that are more "explosive" than a regular hollow point
    I would avoid the fang-face if I were you for two reasons.

    1. I've read that they aren't as good as they're made out to be.

    2. It could become an issue in court if you ever have to use them. Just remember, jurors are usually ignorant and when they hear the ammo repeatedly called "deadly fang-face" it could make them see you in a bad light....

    Here are the results from the box-o-truth website:

    Lessons learned:
    The Extreme Shock ammo makes a couple of claims and we will look at the results. Please allow me to "paraphrase" some claims.

    1. Claim: Their rounds are supposed to penetrate walls less than standard ammo.
    Findings: The Fang Face penetrated 11 drywall boards, or over 5 interior walls without expanding or fragmenting. The Air Freedom round penetrated 4 boards, or 2 walls.

    Less than a standard JHP round which penetrated all 12 boards, but still some penetration.

    2. Claim: They are supposed to be able to penetrate a bad guy enough to be effective Stoppers.
    Findings: Both the Fang Face and Air Freedom rounds only fully penetrated 1 jug and slightly entered the second jug.

    This is equilivant of 3 or 4 inches of penetration in ballistic gelatin. Some experts have doubts that this is enough penetration to reach the vital organs of a bad guy.

    3. Claim: They are advertised as worth their cost.
    Finding: The cost for this ammo averaged about $1.85 per round, delivered. I see this as a big problem with "Specialty" ammo. We all know that it is very important to function test any carry ammo through your firearm. Who will or can afford to run 50 or 100 rounds of this stuff through a firearm to be sure it functions without a hitch?

    Even if someone buys enough ammo to fill their magazine, it is unlikely that they will thoroughly test the functionality of the ammo.
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  5. ok thanks for the information. does anyone know how much research is being done into hand gun ammo? i mean i know this is asinine but how about a depleted uranium round? hahaha

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