HELP, a HK question.
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Thread: HELP, a HK question.

  1. HELP, a HK question.

    im a resident of massachusetts and i know that a few years back HK's were not allowed to be sold here, something about not being massachusetts certified. i was just wondering if anyone knows if that has since changed? i would love to get a usp compact in the .40 SW, but just dont know if i can here. from everything ive heard its the perfect for everything from concealed carry to defense, from range to camping. so can i purchase it in mass? and if not can anyone point me in the direction of a good replacement?

  3. ok thanks, im down to a debate, that or some kind of 1911

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    check out the H+K p2000sk. very nice piece.
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  5. If you go with the 1911 I would go with a Kimber I live my ulter carry
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    Really can not go wrong with a Kimber.

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    Thumbs up I will

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ58 View Post
    check out the H+K p2000sk. very nice piece.

    have to agree. I carry one. HK's are the Roles Royce of hand guns. Then again I am a little biased.
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  8. ha thanks guys, i dont think i can get kimbers in mass, though that raptor looks pretty nice, but if i can get the HK usp compact then i will be a happy camper, what do you guys think? would .40 be over kill or just right? haha

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    Can not go wromg with a 40cal I have one and it is a nice alround cal.
    Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant'
    is like calling a drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist '.

  10. ok, and i was probably going to carry the fang faced rounds, the ones that are more "explosive" than a regular hollow point

  11. I been told by gunsmith that service sucks so does getting parts.He does work for 2 Leo dept. One stopped using HK because of down time.

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