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Thread: What's the worst POS firearm you have ever owned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwhite1725 View Post
    Don't know how you cock-and-lock a DAO pistol......did you by chance mean a SAO? I guess you could "lock" a XD45 with the safety, but having the ability to "cock" the hammer pretty much precludes it from being a DAO pistol.....
    I think you missed the "or" between cocked & locked or DAO.

    Quote Originally Posted by NDS View Post
    What would bother me the most about carrying a Hi-Point is the size and weight of the thing. As a trunk / truck / nightstand gun--I think they're a good choice.

    This is another place where many people pull out the tired and worn 'saturday night special' argument to denigrate inexpensive handguns that are a good choice for people on a limited budget. Often people are all to willing to disarm the poorest and most disadvantaged in society.
    Agreed, NDS. I am often surprised at the number of pro gun people that I speak with who get a little "iffy" on gun ownership by the poor. It seems that, for many, being poor (and heaven forbid one is also black) somehow negates the right for self-protection that the other citizens in this country exercise. Coming from extremely modest circumstances (people don't even believe me when I relate the realities of an impoverished, rural lifestyle), I am here to say that, though poor, we were not criminals, and we did not love our families any less than a middle class does. In fact, the harsh nature of poverty probably made us closer, if anything. If I had money, one of the charities that I would love to set up would be an impoverished youth shooting program, as well as a free gun distribution charity for poor families (with no criminal household members) who agreed to take a class. I believe that would go a long way toward making some of these poor people who are being hoodwinked by "progressive" politicians into thinking, critical citizens of our republic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tex4oc View Post
    Mine was an F.I.E. switch cylinder .22/ .22mag single action revolver, I put one cylinder full through it when I got it, and then not again til I moved back to Texas. I had to put down a dog my wife ran over, and when I went to shoot the trigger broke, That my friends went over like a lead balloon, and it was also the last cheap gun I EVER bought.
    Well, I am sure that it was not funny at the time. I also hate to see animals suffer unnecessarily, even if they are destined for my dinner plate. However, I can imagine the look on your face when it happened () and that is funny.
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    Worst ever owned:

    Kahr p45

    Jennings 9mm

    Keltek p40

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    Mine was the first handgun I ever purchased, a Taurus PT145 Pro. Right out of the box, at 25 yards, the fixed sights aimed at a body-sized target made bullets hit dirt below it, about 5 yards in front of the target. Sent it back to Taurus, they sent it back saying they replaced the barrel. The barrel wasn't replaced, they replaced the Heinie sights. The pistol didn't shoot low after that, but it shot wayyy to the left at 15 yards. Combat accurate, but no fun at all to shoot by any means. You had to aim to the right 1 ring and a little high to hit a bullseye. The grouping was fantastic, it just never shot right. I sent it back with the same problem. They sent it back saying they replaced the barrel, sights, and magazine(?). It fired on target after that, but then developed the common "light strike" issue. I sold that POS for $200 and it didn't even have 200 rounds through it.
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    Bersa 380...

    Bought two of them at the same time. Neither one could be counted on to fire a complete magazine without a FTF. Tried various magazines with no improvement. I know there are many satisfied Bersa owners out there, but I'm not one of them.
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    Another vote for the S&W Sigma in .40S&W. It is my first gun. I still have it, but I very rarely shoot it. I can't hit the broad side of a barn with it. I do ok with my other guns, so I don't think that it is me. Plus the trigger sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrellM5 View Post
    For me, it has to be the S&W Sigma in .40 S&W. The gun functioned perfectly, but the trigger was horrendous. It was in excess of 12 pounds pull weight. Traded it within a couple of weeks towards a Springfield XD40 and I'm much happier.
    Same here, tell me about it. That gun gave S&W a bad name. They still make a good revolver but I would never buy another semi-auto pistol from them again. Go with a Glock for a cheap CCW plastic pistol. I traded that 40 cal in for a Stainless Springfield Armory 45. SA 45 is the best most accurate pistol I ever owned.

  8. Walther p22.

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    Add another Llama .45 to the list. I should have known that you couldn't get a decent .45 for $229.95!

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    The biggest POS I have ever used !!

    One of my relatives gave me an Iver Johnson Chrome Plated, Hammer-less 32 Revolver. I still have some fading tattooing from it's first and only firing some 30 years ago. It does make quite the paper weight.
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    Bought one Taurus 24/7 PRO .45 ACP

    Won't ever touch that brand again. I paid far less for a Rock Island Amory 1911A1 that runs 100% vs the Taurus.

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