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Thread: CCW and crime rates in urban areas

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    Great article, and you raise a good point. Having a CCW does little, if nothing at all, to affect urban area crime rates. However, I personally like to have my CCW not to have an effect on crime rates, but to have an effect on crimes commited against me personally, not everyone else. :)
    Gun control: Forcing a 95lb woman to fist fight a 300lb rapist

  3. I believe Bloomberg would lie about anything to make him look good.I live in a college town and most on campus crime is kept away from the media. If it was not daddy would not send little Sussie there.

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    I think Ryan H has the right idea. It is important for us, that as long as conditions are put upon us for being able to carry, that the statistic of CCW DO NOT raise crime rates. Now, in the scenario where we don't have to jump through hoops in order to CCW, (i.e. the way our forefathers intended it), I feel that it would consistantly show reduced violent crime levels.

    Right now less than 170k are licensed in MI to CCW. That is a very small number in relation to the general population.
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