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    Years ago I saw a bedside table that had a sliding top. You could keep a handgun in a small compartment between the top drawer and the top. Now I want one and I can't find one. Does anyone know where these are available?

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    There's sure to be a market for something like that!

  4. You could take a look at the different furniture makers at StashVault There are a couple really attractive options that might fit your needs.

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    There are tons of tables at least similar to what you are talking about. I have one. Here's just one link and they even use a gun as an example of an item you can hide. I hope this helps.

    Secret Compartment Furniture Catalogue

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    My entire bedroom furniture has them. 2 night stands, my dresser and my wife's dresser. When we got robbed, I did not have a gun safe and they took some of my guns. But the ones we had hidden in those hidden compartments were not taken. The front of the hidden drawer looks like decorative molding for the top of the furniture. The name of our furniture is "Louis Philippe" style. several different manufactures make that style. You can Google "Louis Philippe hidden drawer" to see what it looks like.

  7. I recently added a new feature on a sliding top, Secret Compartment Nightstand | StashVault: secret compartment nightstand. This same bedroom suit has several pieces of furniture with hidden stash spots and drawers.

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