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    I'm considering the purchase of a Ruger SR-22 AR type 22 rifle. I would love to get some reviews or feedback from anyone with experience with this gun. Appreciate it in advance!

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    Save yourself a ton of money. Get the 10/22 and drop the works into an after market AR stock.
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    have owned my sr-22 for a year now, and love it. approx 2500 rnds through it, shot by a bunch of adults, teens, and grandkids, have mine scoped, and bipod equiped. love it to death. trying to save for their new .22 pistol now, as i gave my son my sig, 1911-22 for him and my grandson to use for practice.

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    ^-- the sr-22P is money well spent I have about 2k through mine and it works like a champ with bulk ammo.
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