Don't mess with cops in Vancouver, WA!
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Thread: Don't mess with cops in Vancouver, WA!

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    Don't mess with cops in Vancouver, WA!

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    wait a minute. you mean it's not ok for an off duty cop to pull his gun out when a guy gives you bad jerky? what is this world coming to?
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    Wow! Two extra months of paid vacation and 4 months desk duty. Poor Guy.

    Take a guess at what would happen to civilian with a ccw in the same situation.
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    Where's the Beef.
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    Wink Paid vacation

    Quote Originally Posted by gordo View Post
    Wow! Two extra months of paid vacation and 4 months desk duty. Poor Guy.

    Take a guess at what would happen to civilian with a ccw in the same situation.
    I have never understood how giving someone time off and paying them for it is punishment either.
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  7. Another screw up and he is out of a job.

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    "You know, like a guy taking his shirt off to fight, that kind of thing, it would free him up to fight," Evans told investigators, according to the transcript.
    It sounds like to me that Evans let his macho get ahead of his brain. Who assumes something like that, if they aren't looking for a fight to begin with?

    King also wrote that Evans should have never let the situation get so far out of hand.

    "While you state your 13 years of law enforcement experience led you to realize you were being assaulted and in a non-defensible position that required you pulling your firearm, that law enforcement experience should have first led you to attempt to de-escalate the argument inside the store. Part of your training and experience involves defusing potentially explosive and confrontational situations so they do not deteriorate to the point they reached," King wrote.
    King is right, and officers who are aggressive and start fights are as bad as the ones they're supposed to be catching. Evans' ego was overblown and he was apparently itching to show him who was "boss".

    This guy sounds like a ticking time bomb for the department. Once the facts were explored, he should have been fired on the spot.
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    I think the officer shoulda been charged. He had no right to draw his weapon on that guy. If it was a civilian it woulda been a totally different story.

  10. To me, no different then the guy with the Mercedes who pulled the gun over a road rage dispute. Only difference is one had a badge.
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    The Brady bunch and Million Mom March are, not surprisingly, ominously quiet on this one. If this had been a civilian with a CCW permit, however, they would use this incident as an example of why people should not be given CCW permits.

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