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Thread: Victory in D.C. vs Heller

  1. This is good news indeed. I was hoping for it but was really quite concerned. This is huge we now have affirmed what we all knew all along that this is an individual right not a collective right as some tried to argue. We need to go after those who are still trying to enforce un-consitutional laws like San Fracisco, Chicago, New York HI, NJ, IL etc.

    I saw some bombastic P.O.S. politician on TV, I think it was the Mayor of Chicago or Govenor of IL, sputteriong about how we no longer need laws just go out in the street with our guns like in the old western movies. IDIOT!! *********! What a sanctmonious jerk here he is with a personnel security detail all of whom are armed to the teeth and he has the entire police force on speed dial and he wants us to give up our right to keep and bear arms? Yeah right when your security details gives up theirs.

    I was delighted to see that the NRA are going after the laws in SF and they have a list of others they are going after. This just keeps getting better and better.
    ["Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"
    - Ben Franklin

  3. It sounded like that was what thy were all ready living with. Now we may be able to shoot back!!!!!

  4. #33
    We now have a property right affirmed - that's it - but property can be zoned, regulated, and confiscated into submission.

  5. Scotus Ain't Over Yet!

    OH, THIS 2nd Amendment Ruling IS NOTHING! Next Step? Will be when I am subpeona’d for my testimony on my past 30+ years as an US Army “Manchurian Candidate Study” subject.
    (Go to Rick A Hyatt Gary Condit Markus Wolf Erich Mielke Aribert Heim Rainer Rupp Clyde Conrad Unabomber, Picasa, or Flickr to see just how immersed I AM in this espionage business - Hope you have Piclens, for I’ve got PHOTOS of past major spies I have known long-term along this line you won’t believe!)
    That is to say, my own mission as a “Sleeper,” totally controlled, of course, by the FBI and (Double-Blind, unknowingly) “Social(ist) Services,” was to “Act up” (Utilizing special psychological and physical attributes such as clinical hypnosis and Celiac’s Disease, which causes reversible neopathy, and a "Yukky" personality) to the degree that I became “One of those who shouldn’t own a gun…" and thusly influence on-going anti-gun legislation. I was successful in helping Maui Waiver Form 2036 (Allowing the corrupt politicians to search a gun applicant’s ENTIRE LIFE’S medical, sexual etc. files) and then exploit same for political control purposes on Maui.
    Coming then here to Wyoming, hearing of my “Reputation” they specially whipped up new Concealed Carry Permit Restrictions, for "Such a person like me…" Then, when I passed the NCIC, etc., and got a Florida Permit, valid here, the Viglilantes passed a special law - JUST FOR ME- ILLEGAL AS HELL - Such that it could not be used here, as quick examples.
    My “Behavioral Programming?” To act unnaturally conservative, pro-Constitutional, openly Patriotic, and to be vocal in speech and writing about it. Be “Dumbed Down” and as if "Perverse" from the Celiac’s by deliberately eating bread and drinking beer for the effects of gluten upon me. Couldn’t have made a better target and/or “Dummy” for the Liberals to exploit as an “Example.”
    The Liberal and Maternalistic Social(ist) Agencies have tried to have me Committed endless times, based on this Politically-Incorrect behavior, and hoping to find out more from me about my past high-ranking Intel Officer connections, which they hope are sexually-blackmail-related.
    Now… Since so many anti-gun laws are based on the VIOLENT acts of the Columbine, Post Office, Mall otherwise-untraceable (By the APA, anyway) “Sleepers” (Otherwise as myself), then how can ANY OF THOSE LAWS BE VALID AT ALL? Since they are, as NRA VP Knox once said, "...Enemy action?"
    Our corrupted politicians cannot be trusted to do anything but sell out our Rights in order to achieve personal powers, no matter where the "Resources" come from.
    ... And that is only the tip of the iceberg. The reason I got put into this "Long-term (Make work) Study" was much more in that I had to go to ground with some vital espionage stuff. There is an on-going Assassination-For-Hire (Chandra, Palfrey, etc.) Team that has operated in DC for that time - Because in watching them, the Fed's thusly are led directly to the most high-ranking corrupt.
    This thing is, to let this out before the American People just before this upcoming election - And that's my job! (This election is VITAL, militarily speaking) The names won't surprise you, but you can view the real-live photos and explanations on my website, and Picasa.
    Spread it around if you want to help return the power to the People with the largest voter turnout in American History! I **** YOU NOT.

    “Telling the truth during times of universal deceit will be a revolutionary act.” George Orwell, “1984″

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