Two Portland boys, 11 and 7, use gun in attempted robbery, carjacking
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Thread: Two Portland boys, 11 and 7, use gun in attempted robbery, carjacking

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    Two Portland boys, 11 and 7, use gun in attempted robbery, carjacking

    Two Portland boys, 11 and 7, use gun in attempted robbery, carjacking | Seattle

    by Evan Sernoffsky, staff

    Posted on December 9, 2012 at 3:31 PM

    PORTLAND – Two boys, ages 11 and 7, had a loaded gun and tried to carjack and rob a woman in Southeast Portland Saturday afternoon.

    After hearing reports of an 11-year-old with a gun, police rushed to 16000 Southeast Alder Street near the Freedom Foursquare church, said Sgt. Pete Simpson with the Portland Police Bureau.

    Officers spotted an 11-year-old and a 7-year old boy on the south side of the church. Police told the 11-year-old to keep his hands out of his pockets but he ignored them. The officers grabbed his arms and found a cocked and loaded .22 caliber handgun in his pocket, Simpson said.

    The officers were then flagged down by 22-year-old Ami Garrett who said she was sitting in her truck when the two kids approached her in the church parking lot and tried to carjack her while she waited for her parents, Simpson said.

    Garrett told officers that the 7-year-old told the 11-year-old to "show her your piece" and the 11-year-old lifted his shirt and showed her the gun.

    "They told me they had a gun and I asked if it was real, and they said 'you don't ever ask if a gun is real,'" Garrett told KGW Sunday. "There was a lot of curse words and at first I thought they were just punk kids. I didn't think it was a real gun until he showed me the bullets."

    Garrett refused to give up her truck, so the kids demanded her phone and money, telling her they couldn’t leave without something and threatened to shoot her, Simpson said.

    "They told me they were going to blow my brains out if I didn't give them something," she said. "My heart was beating a million miles an hour. I definitely didn't think I was going to get out of there alive. I thought I was going to die."

    Garrett didn’t give them anything. Instead, she drove away and called police. As she was driving, she saw the 11-year-old pull the gun out.

    "It's crazy. It seems like something you would see on CSI," she said. "God was obviously protecting me."

    Because of the boys’ ages, they were placed into the custody of their families. When the 11-year-old was taken home, he took off running. He was quickly caught again and left in the custody of his parents.

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    Two Portland boys, 11 and 7, use gun in attempted robbery, carjacking

    All I can say is sad! These kids need help, their parents need help, starting that young does not bode well for their future.
    Guns.??? What Guns???

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    That's a pretty serious crime with a gun involved and they were left in custody of their parents? They should get a taste of the jail.

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    It's what society has become. Many people right here on this forum advocate just giving the criminal what they want and then call the police afterwards. Now we have come to the point of the police finding the criminals red handed, and doing absolutely nothing about it. Multiple Federal and state level felonies were committed here and the police turn their backs and do nothing.
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    If the parents don't wear a belt out on there butts, somebody needs to use one on the parents.

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    The article does not say whether or not the parent(s) were held accountable for their juvenile children's actions. Why is that? When I was a kid, I accidentally broke the neighbor's window, and my parents had to pay for it. How come the parents are not in jail for their 7 & 11 year old kid's crimes? This was a very dangerous situation, and nobody is being held accountable?

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    And I am sure that the gun grabbers are going to be eating this up. But it's not about the guns, but rather the attitude and mind set of these youngsters. Take away the gun, they would have used a knife, or a baseball bat. These kids may have been only 7 & 11, but they knew very well what they were doing.

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    So the answer is post birth abortion? Would the Libs think this is OK?
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    Wow,putting them back in the custody of the parents?? No penalties? I bet we'll be paying for their incarceration in a couple years.
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