Shooting on the Cheap
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    Shooting on the Cheap

    Shooting is an expensive hobby. With a tenuous economy and a recent election that motivated droves of shoppers to stock up on guns and ammunition, it is becoming more difficult for the average citizen to spend time doing what they love.

    Right Hand Shooting Target

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    Shooting on the Cheap

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    Thanks for posting. Nice article.
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    Did you see the item on the Right Hand & Left hand target’s for diagnosing your shots?

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    Pennsylvania has public shooting ranges, which cost me $30 a year. That and walmart ammo keeps me relatively in the econo-zone.

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    The wife and I both shoot quite a lot...mostly 9mm. WWB target ammo that sold four months ago for around $18/100 is now $24/100 at Wallyworld. Buying by the case (1000) rounds has become a treasure hunt as many on-line retailers are out of 9mm target ammo.

    I spent considerable time last week researching equipment, components, etc. to begin reloading again for the first time since the 60's. I built a comprehensive spreadsheet that shows my "payback" occurring in about six months.

    The equipment is on order now. I'm buying the powder and primers locally.
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    Good read
    Why I purchased a S&W 22A several years ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Diealotz View Post
    Good read
    Why I purchased a S&W 22A several years ago
    Yup,same here.I can shoot for a couple hours and only spend $5
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