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    Did anyone see today's episode of 30 days on FX? For those of you who didn't today's episode was about a heartened anti (I believe the PC term is gun control activist) from the People's Republic of Massachusetts who was sent to live with a gun enthusiast in rural Ohio. Over the course of her stay there she worked in a gun store, went target shooting and skeet shooting, and attended a gun show. All in all, I enjoyed the show and I believe that while she was not converted, I think she at least respects and understands why there are people out there who own guns. Imagine that!

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    yes i saw it and found that the progarm was not that bad. in most cases, even balanced and fair. the lady had never touched a fire arm of any kind and she cried the first time she shot, a shot gun and later called it a rifle

  4. I just finished watching it. At least she says that she understands that he was a law abiding citizen who practices what he preaches. I believe she left with a different perspective, even if she wasn't totally converted.
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    I'll have to catch that when they air it again.

    It's funny, I find that most antis respond exactly the way you're saying this woman responded when confronted with normal, law abiding gun owners.

    Personally, I can't really blame some antis for feeling the way they do as they've been brought up since childhood to fear firearms and those that own them. To them, the gun is evil incarnate.
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