So it's been awhile....AGAIN....
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Thread: So it's been awhile....AGAIN....

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    Talking So it's been awhile....AGAIN....

    So the skinny goes like this: I've moved into my new place, I'm doing great at my new job, I finally recovered about 90% from the B-Day car crash, I FINALLY got my FL CCW, AND on the greatest day our Nation has....I got married to the love of my LIFE!!!

    I've had this woman in my heart since 7th grade and she's finally mine. I'm so happy I don't know what to do with myself! LOL

    My life is SO awsome right now!!!
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    Hey! CONGRATULATIONS!! Nice on the move and the CCW, but GREAT on the marriage! Life is short, Memphis, and Love is hard to find. Turst me! I envy people (like you) who find their lifemate early on and it works out for them. Knew a couple when I was a kid who were pretty much inseperable from 1st Grade on. Last I heard they were happy as clams and living in Virginia (I think) with their 3 daughters! God Bless 'em! And God Bless you two, and best of luck!

    Remember this: Everything you need to know about relationships they taught you in kindergarden -- "Hold Hands; Stay Together".

    Best Wishes to your Lovely Bride.
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    Glad to here from you and that things are going well especially your marriage. Hope to see you around more. Will be looking forward to your threads/posts.
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    My heartiest congratulations to you,Memphis!
    I'm glad for you.
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    That is good news. Ive only had mine for 31 years and still she out shoots me.

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    Congratulations on everything!

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    Sometimes life is very good! Congratulations Memphis...
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    Memphis!!!! Welcome back! Congrats on everything. Glad life’s treating you well. Now we just need to get to the range and celebrate!
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    Yea, I know Kimber. We may be moving out to Springhill soon. I know I'll have to start over but, since I have her, I don't care. :^)

    We do have family and friends in the area so I'll definetly be getting to Hernando S.C. alot more. I'll let ya know.
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    Congratulations! Maybe nine months from now (give or take), you'll have some more good news for us. Good luck with everything!

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