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Yes I understand the wond NO quite well but seems you have troubles understanding many oter words. My commet was directed at those who had answered the OP about a residency requirement assuming that he was talking about someone from NV trying to purchace a gun in NC with a FL permit. This was not what I had in my post but rather what if a NC resident had a FL permit, would they have the same puchasing rights in NC as a NC resident in NC. One line in your last post from the BATF FAQ says no but does that also apply to the NC purchasing permit that is required in NC and issued by the sheriff's department and has nothing to do with the BATF?

From the OP has nothing to do with the BATF or NICS or any federal laws.

I do not know as I am not familiar with all of the NC requirements other that a permit ot purchase is required. I did accidently transpose two words in my post that may have led to multiple interpretations of my comments but I have only one post that came close to answering the OP's question and he was unsure but made a good suggestion.
Here's the actual NC statute 14‑402 (a) and the exact answer;

14‑402. Sale of certain weapons without permit forbidden.

(a) It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation in this State to sell, give away, or transfer, or to purchase or receive, at any place within this State from any other place within or without the State any pistol or crossbow unless: (i) a license or permit is first obtained under this Article by the purchaser or receiver from the sheriff of the county in which the purchaser or receiver resides; or (ii) a valid North Carolina concealed handgun permit is held under Article 54B of this Chapter by the purchaser or receiver who must be a resident of the State at the time of the purchase.

You must be a NC resident, have a NC permit to purchase or NC CHP or you cannot buy a handgun or crossbow in NC. You have to have one or the other; NC CHP or a NC permit to purchase, period. It appears long guns are exempt. NC recognition and buys you nothing with respect to purchasing a handgun. If you need a license, permit or ID to purchase, a recognized or reciprocal CCW or carrying under LEOSA buys you nothing with respect to purchasing. You have to have the appropriate ID, license or permit to purchase in those jurisdictions.