Anti-gun Businesses Listing iPhone app & Android app
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Thread: Anti-gun Businesses Listing iPhone app & Android app

  1. Anti-gun Businesses Listing iPhone app & Android app

    I've co-written a gun-carry iPhone and Android app that I think might be of interest. This app is a crowd-sourced listing of anti-gun locations (stores, restaurants, etc…) across the United States.

    Posted! - Carry List Anti-Gun Locations.
    iPhone/iPad: (
    Android: (
    or search either the Google Play or the App Store for "Posted Gun"

    I based this on what I and others I spoke with thought would be really useful! I always found it annoying to make plans with friends to go to a restaurant, only to be turned away at the last second because of their “no guns” sign, or to drive all the way to a store, only to find out I could not enter to buy the item I needed. This app makes it very easy to find locations that prohibit carry (based on current location, city, or name), so you know before going to one. And it makes it very easy to add such locations to the list (including picture, GPS, address, and description), so others will know where to avoid.

    The description is below. Please let me know what you think! I’m always looking for ways to make it better.

    App Description:
    This application is for any gun owner! The purpose of this app is for the legal and conscientious concealed carry license holder to know where they cannot legally carry before getting there. A licensed permit holder or a resident of a constitutional carry state can usually legally carry their firearm in any location other than statutory "no carry" locations such as schools, gov. buildings, etc., and in locations that are posted prohibiting firearms. This is a list of those Posted locations.

    Find hotels where you can’t carry before booking a trip to one. Find restaurants where you cannot carry before making dinner plans. Find stores to avoid before you step out the door. It is extremely inconvenient to not find out until you get to a location that they prohibit your second amendment rights. You have to either disarm in the parking lot (causing your vehicle to be a target for thieves) or go somewhere else at the last second. If you know beforehand, you can avoid the places that prohibit carry, or you can leave your firearm at home if you must attend.

    We have a comprehensive list of "Posted anti-gun" locations collected in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. We have assembled smaller lists in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah, Washington and West Virginia; all provided by many great gun forums and sites with their permission. Since it is crowd-sourced by users like you, please be patient while the list grows! The initial Database doesn't have listings yet for other states. Be the first person in your state to grab data and add it to the app! You receive attribution for listing, and will receive special thanks for starting your state's listing!

    This list is user-updated, and will continue to get better over time. But this relies on you! If you go to a place not on the list and they have a sign, please add it with a few clicks via the "Add Location" button! If a place had taken down their sign, get it removed the same way! If you already have a list of anti-gun businesses in your area or state, please send me an email. We would love to include any data you have collected, and give you credit for it!

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    Sounds like a very good concept. Particularly if you could give some feedback to the stores in question that this sort of app exists.

  4. Nothing for California. :(

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    Anti-gun Businesses Listing iPhone app & Android app

    Sounds good. I just bought it and will give it a run later.
    I'll give you a shout to let you know how I like it.

  6. Just bought it!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by vgcarp View Post
    Nothing for California. :(
    Currently only 4 locations added for California so far. This app has 33 states so far either well-covered or partially-covered. But if you're in CA, please add a few locations and help jump-start that state. :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Greggatshack View Post
    Sounds like a very good concept. Particularly if you could give some feedback to the stores in question that this sort of app exists.
    Thanks. That mechanism does exist in the app. It has "Call", "Email" and "Website" buttons for contacting each business which are active for all businesses where such contact info has been added by users. Clicking the buttons let you provide feedback right away, and hopefully turn some of the locations onto the right path. I know a few that have...

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    Anti-gun Businesses Listing iPhone app & Android app

    Just purchased, will give it a try

  9. Will this work for iPad?

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    As long as those idiots at Buffalo Wild Wings are on there.


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    Some of the reviews for IPhone indicate it crashes upon opening. Is that problem being addressed.

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