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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Yes and Luke could really be an FBI oprative getting all our gun info.The info here is public and it is open to anybody. I have really good talks with my antigun laywer friends and find very ill informed . I like the input here from all you and find most of us preaching to the chior.
    I agree that chatting with antigun lawyer folks can lead to some very interesting conversations. I've learned a lot from talking with antigun folks. The antgun folks I've talked with have been moderately informed and have provided me with some interesting facts that were actually pro-gun statistics. They tend to spin things to reflect their point of view, but in the end you really cannot argue with the basic cold hard facts. ;-)

    BTW, I'm fairly confident that "Luke" is NOT a FBI operative, or working with any LE agency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeavingMass View Post
    Your rant is INVALID

    You distance YOURSELF from CRIMINALS right ?
    OR DO YOU ?

    YOU distance yourself from PEDOPHILES right ?
    OR DO YOU ?

    You distance yourself from negative influence right ?
    AND YET YOU DON'T DISTANCE YOURSELF from the rest of SOME of society right ?

    So why you assert that if I choose to distance MYSELF from some folks YOU suggest I distance myself from EVERYONE else that I disagree with ?

    Are you CLOSE with The Brady Campaign or are you close with the NRA ?
    YOU distant yourself from one of them.
    YOU can't be CLOSE with BOTH

    Secondly: If you're PRO GUN, are YOU gonna let some ANTI come "educate" and convince you NOT TO BE PRO GUN ?
    So why should I waste MY TIME trying to "educate" one that is a committed ANTI-GUN ?

    I guarantee that an anti thinking like YOU that THEY can come "educate" me and change my mind about being PRO-GUN will die waiting
    Who tells you an anti doesn't feel the same way as WE do about our guns ?

    YOU or I CAN'T win them ALL, and its SENSELESS to THINK that YOu or I CAN CHANGE THEM ALL.
    You can't educate everyone, but you can change a few and maybe even sway a lot of people towards being less hostile towards gun owners.

    I once had a discussion with a flaming liberal from San Diego and a French guy - now that's quite a pair. They were actually ok folks in conversation. Eventually we got to talking about the Virginia Tech massacre. I adamantly (but politely) defended gun rights, while saying that Cho was a nutcase who shouldn't have been allowed near one. They were surprised that I was a gun owner (it's not something I advertise...no "Armed" stickers or anything) and expressed disagreement.

    However, they also didn't know anyone who owned a firearm, had never before used a firearm and had a stereotypical image of gun owners. They had only lived among other liberals and had never been around different types of people. They both seemed to agree that while they didn't approve of guns generally, they knew that I am a responsible person, and this helped to put a real person on what was before just an abstract concept.

    Maybe I didn't "convert" them overnight, but it does give them something to think about later on. Maybe they'll give the prospect of ownership some serious thought once they get older, or at least not rule it out.

    Hey, if nothing else...I know they're not going to convert me, so what do I have to lose? Now maybe this isn't for everyone - you have to be able to keep a cool head and not take things personally. I believe that I can find something in common with everyone, even if it's the same brand of cell phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissPriss View Post
    Instead of distanceing yourself you should be trying to educate them!
    But sometimes you just can not argue with a fool. I tend to avoid any and all confrontations. Less stress for me.
    Drakes Creeks, AR
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    Quote Originally Posted by drlewall View Post
    but Sometimes You Just Can Not Argue With A Fool. I Tend To Avoid Any And All Confrontations. Less Stress For Me.
    Exactly !!!!

  6. Just one thing here -- Lots of rabid antis have never known, met, or talked with a responsible gun owner, or ANY gun owner for that matter. True, some are certified, know-it-all, idealogues. But SOMETIMES you can make in-roads with those who are ignorant not because they want to be, but because no one has ever told them the truth or given them a look at the "other side."

    Yes, it can be unpleasant. But it's always worth a try. We've come a long way in the last two decades and we'll have to keep up the good work to ultimately prevail.

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    I think we should be willing to try and enlighten those that are misguided on this issue if and when we can. I also think we need to be wise enough to see and understand when we have come to the point that you are wasting your time to go any further with someone. It is kind of like the Bible verse where Jesus warned his disciples about knowing when and who not to share the Christian faith with. "Cast not your pearls before swine". We need to use judgement as to when we can be effective and when we are wasting our time.
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    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

  8. Also we need to take the bad stigma from a good shooting away. Cops get psy counel and all kinds of help.Talking a life is hard but it is what a monster needs. One of my instructors says give him a call and we will go cry over a brew. How many men coming home from war need us to thank them not feel sorry for them.

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    LeavingMass,I understand your sentiment.But there is an old saying;the best way to vanquish an enemy is to make him an ally.Of course I know there are some that refuse to hear anything contrary to what they think.There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity.Ron White said:"You can't fix stupid."He is right.I agree that we don't want to waste our time.But those who are ignorant may be so because they simply have not been presented with truth.At least directly.
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Also we need to take the bad stigma from a good shooting away. Cops get psy counel and all kinds of help.Talking a life is hard but it is what a monster needs. One of my instructors says give him a call and we will go cry over a brew. How many men coming home from war need us to thank them not feel sorry for them.
    absolutely terrific post...I couldn't agree more. People need to be a little less sensitive and give thanks when its due and take care of business when it's due, even if it means having to fire your firearm.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    As I've said before, Obama isn't saying anything the typical politician seeking to win would not say. Based on the changes he's taken on many key issues, this doesn't surprise me at all, and furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if he changes his mind on this matter again one month from now, especially if a bunch of Palestinians end up dead or injured.
    Hussein is not capable of having an original thought. But his advisers have them everyday. ENUF said

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