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You do know that there are pro-gun Democrats and anti Republicans right? It is unfair to blame every Democrat for a poor candidate. McCain isn't the greatest choice either is he?

I personally am happy to admit I am a solid independent. I am pro-gun, pro-choice, pro gay-marriage, and fiscally conservative. Basically I am a republican with out the neo-con religious extremism. That's just me though. My main point is don't alienate every democrat because their parties nomination is bad, it serves no purpose.

There are pro-gun Democrats out there somewhere. I just don't know any. Living in a state that is Democratic in nature (The minority groups like their welfare and other freebies here.), being pro-gun seems to conflict with the rest of their tree hugging, me first, beliefs. These people are the first to ***** about things, but they're the first in line when they need something.