Does anyone train with airsoft?
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Thread: Does anyone train with airsoft?

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    Does anyone train with airsoft?

    Recently I got a green gas powered Beretta Vertec Airsoft pistol that has full blow back cycle. I also have a Vertec 9mm and was surprised how close in feel and weight the airsoft is to the 9mm. Of course it does not have the recoil of the genuine item and it does not make any noise, but it fits my holsters and seems a great item for doing some tactical exercises.

    I just wondered in anyone has done any training using airsoft? It seems like a superior method to the red/blue plastic training guns, but I realize no substitute for live fire.

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    I train lying down, moving and other positions in back yard with a 1911 style bb gun.

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    I have owned one Airsoft weapon, a look alike AR-15 with a laser and collapsible stock. As for training, I prefer to use the real thing.

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