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    Glad you were ok HK. Obviously you learned a valuable lesson since it hasn't happen again in 30 years.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    stupid mistake

    Quote Originally Posted by DrDavidM View Post
    Glad you were ok HK. Obviously you learned a valuable lesson since it hasn't happen again in 30 years.

    Yes,it is a hard way to learn a lesson but one I will never forget.

  4. I've not had anything at the level of a negligent discharge, but I like to think that some day I will. Why? It keeps me pointing the thing in a safe direction.

    I think the worst thing I've ever done personally was drop my handgun. It didn't fire and there was no one else around, but that just made me feel like crap for a day or two, lol. See I'm one of those guys that gets that nervous even when I'm looking down the business end of a barrel REMOVED from the just doesn't feel right. Hopefully I continue to be as hard on myself about gun safety....I'd hate to get complacent.

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    One of my good childhood friends learned from HIS FATHER that if you took a .22 bullet, and used it like chalk, one could "draw" on the sidewalk. He thought this was good fun, although I chose not to be around when he did it. Also, after the bullet was worn down, he would push them in the dirt and hit them with a hammer until they went off. Stupid and dangerous.

    Another friend, this one about 16, found his dad's Glock and decided it would be cool to twirl the gun like in the Old West. Shot through his bedroom wall, through the garage door, and through the neighbor's garage door. Stupid and utterly dangerous.

  6. I dunno, I've heard a story before about a very stupid criminal. He held up a store or business with a revolver...pulled the trigger and nothing happened. Confused, the robber looks down the barrel and tries the trigger again. Hmm, worked that time! I don't know if this is true - there always seems to be some stories floating around like this.
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