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    The agency that I worked for before retirement prohibited warning shots for safety reasons.

  3. Heck NO! After following the irrefutably great advise of "Tactical" Joe, I'm carrying a double barreled shotgun! If I fired a warning shot, I'd only have one shot left!

    Any concealment advise? I wrote Tacticool Joe [Biden of course!] for some additional self defense advise, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet :(

    Ok, seriously, No, no warning shots (bears or cougars aside, yes, we have both where I live). I won't say anyone is stupid for disagreeing, but why would you want to? All you've done is used deadly force to intimidate, risked a ricochet or direct hit to an innocent by stander, and wasted a bullet that you might need to stop the fight. You know the bad guy is going to say he was minding his own business and some crazed lunatic (that'd be you), pulled a gun, yelled and tried to shoot him. Don't think you can reasonably explain this away, the Police are conditioned to think the shooter is the BG, and now the BG is painting you as the bad guy. How do you think that's going to go down? Had some cases like this in my state, where the good guy merely brandished a fire arm, and even that was enough to cost him over $40k in legal fees to prove his innocence; all because the BG called 911 first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMAF View Post
    Any bullet that is fired from a gun is a DEADLY WEAPON.
    I hate to nit pick but a bullet is not a weapon, it is a PROJECTILE, the gun that fired the bullet is the weapon, this comment sounds as if it could have been said by that genius woman in CO

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    My warning shot is my hand on the grips of my gun and my other hand drawing up my concealment garment..

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    "due to the current tightness of ammunition supplies, warning shots will no longer be fired"

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    Warning Shot

    I believe there is a woman in Florida serving time for firing a warning shot near her husband. Endangering others is not a good idea.

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    Firing a warning shot is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of. In the city, it will get you into a whole lot of trouble. In the woods, it may be effective if used to deter an animal, but I'd be very careful.

  9. Hmm. I always thought the warning shot was to be aimed at the BG. You know, when you hear the bang, that's your warning to duck. Not my fault the BG didn't duck fast enough. :p

  10. I agree; warning shots waste ammo. Verbal warnings are (or should be) understood immediately. If they aren't, well, things are going to get rather ugly for a perp.

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    This is the story that started the conversation. Her initial comment was "Way to go grannie", and mine was "Warning shots are a bad idea" and so the argument goes.
    Spokane woman holds intruder at gunpoint | Local News | The Seattle Times

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