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    Question Fake News?

    I often listen to the news feeds coming in to WSB radio, AM 750 in Atlanta. And I hear, what seems to me, nonsense news that I cannot help but wonder whether it's fake news intended to slant public opinion or scare people or garner public support for some unpopular legislation. A case in point, or cases in point, are when I hear of some kid getting suspended from school because, "he had a gun in his car". The first question that comes to mind when I hear this is, how did anyone know that? Given the current political climate surrounding firearms, would this kid actually brag about having a firearm in his car? Given that these kids have been brainwashed throughout their lives about the 'evils of firearms'; would these kids keep the firearm in the car seat for all to see? Can a school official arbitrarily demand to search a student's car? Is my thought that some news feeds are fake legitimate? Can someone share some insight?

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    Unless things have changed since I was in school, your vehicle once on their property is open for search whenever they choose or suspect illegal activity.

    Of course, back in the day I carried a pocket knife to school as long as I can remember. I'm wanting to say I remember having a pocket knife at school as early as 5th or 6th grade and I was not a threat nor was I the exception... lots of young boys carried pocket knives and when it came time to throw down... we used our fists... not a knife or a gun.

    But yeah, it's like the Stern show.... shock radio use to illicit a response.

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    We had a kid in my high school bring a hunting rifle to school. He was talking about it at lunch and someone overheard and tattled. He got suspended and we had to listen to the principal ramble on the PA while the cops ran their K-9s through the school. It was hard to hear him over the barking.

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    there is a lot of fake news stories planted news stories and slanted news stories all designed to generate reactions from the sheeple.
    there is an old saying
    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.” ― Benjamin Franklin

    those are words to live by

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    Back when I got out of high school, if you had a pickup and didn't have a gun rack with a gun in it. You were considered poor.
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    What would you expect from a fake government but fake news?

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    Many American White Men Worship Guns Because of Sexual Insecurity, Entitlement, and Profit

    Media Alliance*:*Former CNN Reporter Amber Lyon Quits Saying She Was Forced to Lie

    CNN Reporter Admits that the Obama Administration pays for CNN Content? Make up your own mind...

    If you have not yet noticed 70% of all radio commercials are now PSAs, particularly on talk radio. Cable TV has begun also.

    Look up and understand- 'Community Content' and 'Fairness Doctrine'. The Fed now controls radio content/propaganda.

    Also beware of 'disinformation strategies'.

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    Fake News?

    Yes schools can search your vehicle at will if it is on their property. I had the cops drag me out of class and search my vehicle once because one of the security guards saw a glock speed loader sitting on my floor. I honestly didn't even know it was there because I hate those things and never use them. Needless to say they didn't find anything other than that and just tried to lecture me while I laughed at them.

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